Monthly Archives: November 2015

Hello. How are you?

Here is something to warm your ears. Be sure to listen to all three parts. They go together. Also, if you are offended by f-bombs, you may want to skip these.

The State of You Part 1.

The State of You Part 2.

The State of You Part 3.

I want to hear from you. Use your phone to record a message, about anything, and send the file to You never have to say your name.

If you need an inspiration, what do you think of the headlines this week?



Hello Everyone. How are you? How have you been?

So listen, I was recently reminded that ListenBeHeard is still useful. It is still needed. Let’s start it up again.

As a quick reminder, ListenBeHeard was an interactive audio project where people anonymously (or not) called and left a message about a posted topic. The answers were collected and shared. It gave everyone a chance to listen and speak. The first topic was quitting. You can hear the answers that came in here.

This time, I want things will be a little different. First thing, forget the phone line. Throw that number away. It is gone. Now, you can use your phone (or a recorder) to make a voice memo and email it to Easy easy.

Now, we will go without specific topics. I will occasionally post prompts or questions on the Facebook page, but this will be more free. I will post messages as I get them. This is an experiment. If it doesn’t work, or if you miss specific topics, let me know.

For now, what do you have to whisper into a tree? What do you have to get off your chest?

I want to hear from you.