Answers – quitters

So here is an email entry I received. The more sensitive among you may wish to skip this one. Aside from leaving out a photo and name, the note in intact. The idea of this project was to literally hear voices (i.e. voice mails), but I thought I would include this.

“wow… I didn’t want to contact you, but I’m a GOD of Just Quitting.

I swore myself to celibacy as a boy, even though women hit on me all the time and guys all say I’m handsome too! (And I ain’t shy. I just wanted to focus on ART and MUSIC rather than the artificial lure of Pussy or Women. I don’t like being a slave.)

(cf my song “I’d Rather Make Art Than Make Out”)

I’ve turned down HUNDREDS of women who’ve begged me for sex, including numerous HOT naked teenagers in my bed, AND girls I was madly in love with!

(cf my songs “Pussy Is A Gateway Drug” [get it?], “Think Outside Of The Box” [um, get it?], and “Just Say No To Drugs (And By ‘Drugs’ I Mean ‘Pussy’)”)

I then quit my entire “religion” at 17 when I tried to kill myself (b/c having integrity in a world this intellectually empty is AGONY)… and for 2 years I fucked two gals, partied hard, and listened to Judas Priest even!

Then, I walked away from it all, cold turkey, despite being Mr. Popularity. I didn’t touch a girl from 19 to 29 (!) despite thousands hitting on me, and hundreds literally begging me to fuck them.

It took extraordinary circumstances for me to (sort of) give up my celibacy at age 29: I became friends with the girl of my dreams, a brilliant art weirdo who date raped me and I finally let her have her way with me b/c I didn’t want her to stop being friends with me (as most of my other female friends ditched me when they realized I wasn’t boyfriend material, sigh).
Years later, I still ignore women every day hitting on me or such. (It helps that I only like BRILLIANT girls.)  I’m sort of looking to date again, b/c I dated a gal and lived with her and we were a perfect match and we MADE TONS of art and music together. It was very productive. (We also had amazing sex and all that jazz. But she couldn’t curb her violence or dishonesty, so I dumped her after 4 years. Just as I dumped the girl of my dreams at 30, b/c she too liked violence and that shit’s a dealbreaker for me. For me to TWICE dump the Girl Of My Dreams is perhaps another example of my skill at quitting.)

ANOTHER EXAMPLE of my super-skill / ability to just say no, is that I moved to Boston at age 21 from my hometown in Mass, and I said goodbye to NOT ONE PERSON when I moved. One day I was just gone. When I moved to NYC from Boston, I did the same thing. No goodbyes to any friends or family.

Blah blah blah.

To be fair, I’m also the GOD of NOT Quitting. For instance, I SHOULD’VE quit my vegetarianism when I was starving in Rikers for 7 months for free speech, but I’m a master of sticking to my guns.

(I just didn’t want you to think it’s “great” to be a quitter always. It’s not.)