Today’s topic is being annoyed

Hello. How are you?

I know everyone has something to say about this next one. What annoys you? What drives you nuts and gets under your skin? If you have not called in this is an easy one to start with, and you may call as many times as you like.

To answer, dial 347-765-0148 or email a voice memo to That number is just for you. Nobody will answer it and you never have to say your name. If you call the number, please pick a spot where you have the best phone reception possible. I would love to hear from you by midnight May 23, 2012.

Of course, the line is always open for anything you have you say or want to talk about. At times, I may share these answers a little wider than this blog, but I will always treat what you send in with respect.

I want to hear from you.

You can also see the new topics on the facebook.


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