Today’s topic is simple pleasures.

Hello. How are you?

The next topic is a pleasant one. What makes you happy? What object, smell or sound can cheer you up instantly? What gives you simple pleasure in this world?

To answer, you can call 347-765-0148 or email a voice memo to That number is just for you. Nobody will answer it and you never have to say your name. If you call the number, please pick a spot where you have the best phone reception possible. I would love to hear from you by the new, extended deadline of midnight March 30, 2012.

Of course, the line is always open for anything you have you say or want to talk about.

As a reminder, I may, sometimes, attempt to get finished pieces on the radio or in another public place. I will never be a jerk about it and will treat what you send with respect.

I want to hear from you. I really do.


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