So I will be honest. I have never blogged anything before. Whenever I would say the word, it would be in finger quotes (like this “blog”).

I like hearing what people have to say and what makes them unique. I think you do too. So let’s make a deal. You send me your thoughts in your voice and I will share them. You never have to say your name if you don’t want to. You can email them to listenbeheard@gmail.com.

I will post stories in all formats (video, slideshows, photos, but mostly audio). I will often put a call out on a particular topic. I may, sometimes, attempt to get finished pieces on the radio or in another public place. I will never be a jerk about it and will treat what you send with respect.

Here is a little example to click on > today.

  1. Colin Allen said:


  2. margot kingon said:


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